DARCY VAN POELGEEST writer / director

Darcy’s short film, CORVUS (2012) screened at festivals world-wide including Vancouver International Film Festival and Sci-Fi-London. CORVUS was nominated for 3 Golden Sheaf Awards, 9 American Maverick Movie Awards, 7 Leo Awards including Best Director, and became the #1 selling short film in Canada on iTunes.

His latest short film, The Orchard (2015) premiered at Atlantic Film Festival, and Vancouver International Film Festival before going on to win 5 awards at the L.A Shorts Awards including Best Screenplay & Best Director. The film was nominated for several Leo Awards and picked up the Audience Choice Award at CineFest Sudbury International Film Festival (2016) and Short Circuit Film Festival (2017).

Darcy (along with his co-producers) also received the John Dunning Discovery Award at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards for producing indie feature, The Lockpicker.

Darcy has recently completed two feature length screenplays, The Forty Fathom Bank (2017), and The Nature of Light (2018). He's also written a 180 page Graphic Novel, Little Bird (Image Comics/Glènat Editions), to be released early 2019.

the forty fathom bank

A screenplay by Darcy Van Poelgeest

 Based on a Novella by Les Galloway

Based on a Novella by Les Galloway




San Francisco 1940

Lester is on the brink of losing everything. Desperate to provide for his growing family, he purchases an old fishing boat with his last dollar and finds himself at the onset of a major shark boom.

Knowing nothing of the sea, Lester hires a more experienced fisherman to help him make his fortune but becomes locked in a violent confrontation with treacherous seas, and his own identity.


Written with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Little Bird

Graphic Novel | 2018

Little Bird is a 180 page Graphic Novel from creators Darcy Van Poelgeest (W), Ian Bertram (A), and Matt Hollingsworth (C) and will be published as an original hardcover through Éditions Glénat BD in France, and as a 5 issue series through Image Comics in North America.


North America has been devastated by three decades of war as the American Empire expands under an ultra-nationalist, theocratic government. But from the ashes of defeat rises Little Bird, a 12-year old girl who sets out to reignite the Canadian Resistance and discover her own identity in a world on fire.


(e) littlebirdcomic@gmail.com

P.O. Box 31865, Richmond B.C Canada V7E 0B5

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Short Film | 16 Min | 2015

"Darcy Van Poelgeest’s daring story structure foregrounds the unthinkable actions taken by these men of violence, ensuring that the drama hinges on the lingering ramifications. The imposing landscape of Spences Bridge is used sublimely, stoking the pervasive sense of dread." - Vancouver International Film Festival





  • BravoFACT Award Recipient
  • Exclusive Preview - Noir Comics in Film / SaskExpo, 2015
  • Official Selection - 35th Annual Atlantic Film Festival, 2015
  • Official Selection - 34th Vancouver International Film Festival, 2015
  • Official Selection - 10th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, 2015
  • Official Selection - 69th Yorkton Film Festival, 2016
  • Official Selection - CineFest Sudbury International Film Festival, 2016
  • Official Selection - Short Circuit Film Festival, 2017
  • Winner - Best Supporting Actress / Maverick Movie Awards, 2015
  • Winner - Best Crime Drama / Texas Ultimate Shorts, 2016
  • Winner - Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director / L.A Shorts Awards, 2016
  • Winner - Audience Choice Award - Best Short Film / CineFest Sudbury International Film Festival, 2016
  • Winner - Best Cinematography - Short Circuit Film Festival
  • Winner - Audience Choice Award - Short Circuit Film Festival
  • Nominated - Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor / Maverick Movie Awards, 2015
  • Nominated - Best Short Film (Fiction) / The Golden Sheaf Awards, 2016
  • Nominated - Best Short, Production Design, Male Performance, Picture Editing / Leo Awards, 2016


Produced: Mike Gill/Darcy Van Poelgeest/Lawra Robertson
Directed: Darcy Van Poelgeest
Written: Darcy Van Poelgeest & Ed Brisson
Starring: Aaron Poole/Camille Sullivan/Aaron Douglas
Produced with the assistance of bravoFACT


Short Film | 10 Min | 2013


CORVUS follows an extraordinary detective as he pieces together a young woman's murder. The crime reveals itself in a series of moments that allow the detective to see beyond the facts, into the story with a strange sense of familiarity.

CORVUS explores the notion of subjective experience versus hard evidence. Employing contemporary techniques such as high speed videography and multiple live-action layers, CORVUS deconstructs the noir genre within a poetic visual structure.




Production Company: LIS entertainment,
Circle Productions
Produced by: Mike Gill, Darcy Van Poelgeest
Written & Directed by: Darcy Van Poelgeest
Director of Photography: Philip Lanyon
Editor: Darcy Van Poelgeest

Starring: Ian Tracey, Sara Canning, Matthew MacCaull


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 CORVUS hits #1 selling short film on iTunes!

CORVUS hits #1 selling short film on iTunes!